Doobie Deuce Officially Closed!!!!

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Doobie District @ 1526 Ust NW

The Doobie Shop @ 1436 Wisconsin Ave NW

Why Choose Doobie Deuce?

We are Doobie Deuce aka Doobie District, with a second location and bring you the best of Washington D.C. weed stores. Doobie Deuce is a premium marijuana dispensary in Washington D.C. There is no better weed anywhere else, which is as good a reason as any to choose us. Patients do. Most of them. There are other reasons too. Many.

We are the envy of every cannabis dispensary in town. Besides the obvious top quality of our products, Doobie Deuce is popular for its efficient delivery service. We are faster than everybody else. Professional. Legal. Reliable cannabis delivery is exactly what makes us so popular.

There is our menu too. It offers more products than all weed stores in Washington D.C. combined. It is comprehensive. Exciting. We have most strains available, any way you want them. 

Best Marijuana & Cannabis Dispensary Washington D.C.

Doobie Deuce is the only marijuana dispensary in Washington D.C. with premium grade bud. Our weed shop in Washington D.C. is the best, ideal for such use. We comply with both Initiatives 71 and 81, which allow for the use of cannabis and psilocybin respectively. We operate lawfully. The right way. The legal way.

What is more, of all marijuana dispensaries in Washington D.C., Doobie Deuce offers the best menu. We deliver too, direct to your door,faster than anybody else. We have the best quality anywhere. 



Doobie Deuce Marijuana Weed Dispensary 1636 R St NW 2nd Floor, Washington, DC 20009, United States

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